Grand Format Sublimation

Now it is possible to create grand format decorative features with the style and durability of Dye Sublimation for industrial, commercial and residential applications. With outdoor materials, no job is too big or too daunting. Policrom has the solution.

Whether you need large outdoor architectural panels, industrial signage, hotel, convention or other commercial decorative appointments, Policrom has the dye sublimation Oven and Thermoforming frames that fit your needs. We provide Turnkey solutions with Equipment, Films,  Technology, Workflow, Color transforms and Profiles, backed by one of the Pioneers in 3D Dye Sublimation.


Turnkey Solutions:


  • PoliJet 3D Films
  • PoliTex HiRes Papers
  • GrandSub 3D Dye sublimation Ovens
  • GrandSub Thermoforming Frames
  • ColorTex Profiles


Installation, training and support are an integral part of our value proposition.

A Grandsub system means worry free support from purchase order to installation and beyond. Policrom provides presale consulting, materials testing, proof of concept services, financing, installation, training and support.

Call us today to discuss how profitable a GrandSub system can benefit your existing operations.











Ovens Specifications:

GRAND SUB 5000 11000 13000
Sublimation Area 51" x 51" 51" x 132" 51" x 156”
Width 4.25' 11’ 13"
Working Temperature 0-200C
Electrical Requirement 220/440V/3PH
Electrical Consumption 5.75kW
Overall Dimensions 64" x 54" x 55" 135" x 54" x 55" 158" x 54" x 55"
High Performance Vacuum Yes Yes Yes